Become part of the Norway Chess network

Become an important partner of the strongest chess tournament of the year and supporter of one of the fasted growing and most played sports of our time.

Be recognized by an ever-growing chess community and sport fans all over the world. Our tournaments are being broadcasted in multiple countries around the globe, both by nation TV broadcasters (TV 2 in Norway) and online by several platforms such as, Twitch and YouTube. Your company logo will be visible during broadcasts and at the tournament site.

Use the partnership and the exposure to our viewers as an opportunity to shape, change or refine your public reputation. Norway Chess is known for being the most innovative and forward-looking chess event of the year. Alongside the main tournament we host several other exciting events such as the Norway Chess Open tournament and Norway Summit, an international business conference where renowned experts and entrepreneurs discuss pressing topics.

The tournament site offers a business friendly, creative and vibrant environment suitable not only to meet personally our chess players, the likes of Magnus Carlsen and others, but also to engage with our audience and speakers at the conference. Use our partnership to encounter fascinating and influential people, expand your network and find business partners for your future projects.

Tell us how we can help and how you believe this partnership can be most beneficial to you. We offer tailor-made events for your company both at the tournament site and at Norway Summit. 


Your company will receive:

  • Logo exposure
  • Partner relationships and a unique network
  • VIP events
  • Partner program throughout the year
  • Social responsibility through Norway Chess School and Norway Chess Open
  • Tailor made events for your company
  • Access to the best chess players in the world
  • Experience of a lifetime for your employees and customers
  • Associate your company with intelligence, strategy and innovation


Make your move! Contact us for more information.

Benedicte Westre Skog – +47 91 35 20 85 / [email protected]

Kjell Madland – +47 91 16 76 95 / [email protected]