Blitz tournament regulations

 2022 Norway Chess Blitz

The 2022 Norway Chess Blitz event shall be a 10-player tournament paired as a Round Robin, on Monday 30th May, 2022.

The tournament will be played according to the FIDE Laws of Chess.


Rating and Grading
All games will be submitted to FIDE for international rating. It is a condition of playing in Norway Chess that the data submitted at the time of entry will be forwarded to FIDE as required to enable the games played to be rated.


Drawing of lots and number allocation
The drawing of lots shall be arranged by the organiser & the CA on 30th of May 2022, if possible to be open to players, visitors and media.
All participants should attend the ceremony of drawing of lots. A player who has not arrived on time for the drawing of lots maybe included at the discretion of the CA.


Tournament Specific Regulations
Format & System: Round Robin System, 10 players. (all play all)
Number of Rounds – 9
Time Control – 3 minutes + 2 seconds increments per move starting from move one.
Default Time – 3 minutes

Schedule (estimated time)
Round 1 – Monday, 30th May,18:00
Round 2 – Monday, 30th May,18:15
Round 3 – Monday, 30th May,18:30
Round 4 – Monday, 30th May,18:45
Round 5 – Monday, 30th May, 19:00
Round 6 – Monday, 30th May,19:30
Round 7 – Monday, 30th May,19:45
Round 8 – Monday, 30th May, 20:00
Round 9 – Monday, 30th May, 20:15

There will be a minimum of 5 minutes break between rounds.

Draw by mutual agreement

There is no restriction on draw offer.

The winner is the player that achieves more points. If the points are equal, tie-breaks for ranking purpose are:

  • A: Sonneborn-Berger points.
  • B: Most wins.
  • C: Most wins with the black pieces.
  • D: Drawing of lots

The winner of the blitz tournament will choose his number in the main tournament. Number 2 will get the highest available number, and number 3 the second highest, and so on.

Changes may occur