Thrilling Showdowns at Round 4 of Norway Chess and Norway Chess Women


The excitement in Stavanger reached new heights with Round 4 of Norway Chess and Norway Chess Women, delivering some of the most thrilling games of the tournament so far. With three wins in the classical games of Norway Chess and two in Norway Chess Women, the competition showcased intense battles at the highest level.

Carlsen’s Narrow Victory Over Caruana

Credits: Norway Chess / Stev Bonhage

Fabiano Caruana had a golden opportunity to close the rating gap with Magnus Carlsen to just four points, but the game, initially calm, took a dramatic turn in the endgame. Carlsen capitalized on a small advantage, ultimately clinching the win when Caruana blundered with only seconds left on his clock.

Nakamura’s Calculated Triumph Over Praggnanandhaa

Credits: Norway Chess / Stev Bonhage

Hikaru Nakamura displayed masterful preparation against Praggnanandhaa, who sacrificed a knight in a desperate bid to save the game. Nakamura, having anticipated this very sacrifice, played flawlessly and secured a convincing victory.

Firouzja’s Confident Win Against World Champion Ding Liren

Credits: Norway Chess / Stev Bonhage

Alireza Firouzja demonstrated his prowess by gaining an advantage over world champion Ding Liren and converting it into a win with confidence. In a post-game interview, Firouzja expressed empathy for Ding, acknowledging the world champion’s recent struggles since obtaining the title.

Vaishali Rameshbabu Leads Norway Chess Women

Credits: Norway Chess / Stev Bonhage

In Norway Chess Women, Vaishali Rameshbabu continued her dominant performance by defeating the legendary Pia Cramling, extending her lead to 2.5 points over Ju Wenjun and Anna Muzychuk. Muzychuk won her game against Humpy Koneru, while the match between Lie Tengjie and Ju Wenjun ended in a draw. Ju Wenjun triumphed in the fourth Armageddon tiebreak of the tournament, securing second place ahead of the rest day.

About Norway Chess

Norway Chess brings together the world’s elite chess players for a super-tournament held from May 27th to June 7th. This year, the tournament features not only the renowned Norway Chess tournament but also introduces Norway Chess Women, an all-female tournament showcasing the best female players globally.

Both tournaments follow a 6-player double round-robin format with equal prize funds, underscoring a commitment to gender equality in chess. A hallmark of Norway Chess is its distinctive format. When a classical game ends in a draw, an Armageddon game determines the winner, ensuring an exhilarating finish for every match and guaranteeing decisive outcomes.

Stay tuned as the tournament progresses, promising more high-stakes drama and spectacular chess performances from the world’s top players.