Impressive social media numbers


More than impressive social media numbers from this year’s tournaments!

We are thrilled to share the remarkable ORGANIC engagement and growth metrics we have achieved from May 24th to June 9th (only 17 days), just after the end of the Norway Chess and Norway Chess Women.

We wanted to share some of the numbers we achieved during this 17 day period. Numbers have continued to grow since then!  


+16.300 new followers
51+ million impressions
27+ million reach
475k+ profile visits
3.3+ million accounts engaged
4.7+ million content interactions
46.4+ million reel views from other accounts


+19,300 new followers
10+ million post views
400k+ post engagement


+2,300 new subscribers
900k+ views from our Youtube Channel
8.2+ million LIVE views
42+ million video views from other channels about Norway Chess
51+ million TOTAL views


+10.000 new followers
2.7+ million reach
382k+ engagement


+2,800 new followers
9+ million impressions
700k+ Top Tweets Engagement

The momentum continues as our follower base and engagement are still growing exponentially!


Some more interesting facts

  • We started with 120 followers on TikTok. We gained more than 24k followers in 25 days, and 5.2M views only in one video.
  • From 2013 to 2024 our Youtube Channel had 3k subscribers and the Youtube search didn’t show our channel not even with the “Norway Chess” keyword. In 18 days we almost doubled our subscribers, and we appeared in the search.
  • In 2023 the maximum views we got was 9M in just one video only on Instagram, and in 2022 we achieved 6.8M impressions in one tweet. These numbers are impressive, but they can’t compare to the multimillion views and impressions of this year’s events across each one of our social channels. 
  • We ran ZERO Social Media ads prior, during, or after the event. All results are organic, feeding the platforms with massive, quality, and diverse content. 
  • We had two documentary crews visiting us to document Norway Chess. Being one of the most renowned elite chess tournaments, they followed the players, the crew and overall atmosphere to create documentaries that will be out this coming fall and next year. Netflix was one of these crews, which speaks massive to the increasing popularity of chess. 
  • The enthusiasm and support from our established and new community have been truly inspiring, and we are committed to grow and deliver even more engaging content!

Our dedicated social media team!


If your company is looking to align with a rapidly growing, internationally recognized brand and reach millions of engaged fans, we invite you to explore sponsorship opportunities with Norway Chess. Partner with us and be part of the exciting journey as we continue to elevate the world of chess. 

For more details on how to get involved, please contact our head of sales today: 

Kjell Madland
[email protected]  




Understanding the social media metrics

  1. Impressions: The total number of times your content is displayed to users. This includes multiple views by the same user.
  2. Reach: The number of unique users who have seen your content. Unlike impressions, reach counts each user only once, no matter how many times they see the content.
  3. Engagement: The total number of interactions (likes, comments, shares, clicks) that users have with your content. It measures how actively people are interacting with your posts.
  4. Accounts Engaged: The number of unique accounts that have interacted with your content in some way (likes, comments, shares, saves, etc.).
  5. Post/Tweet Engagement: The engagement specific to an individual post or tweet. It includes likes, comments, retweets, shares, and other interactions.
  6. Content Interactions: The total number of interactions across all types of content (posts, stories, videos) on your account. This metric aggregates all forms of engagement.
  7. Reel/Post Views: The number of times a reel or post has been viewed. This metric can indicate the popularity and reach of your video content.

These metrics help in analyzing the performance of your social media activities and understanding the behavior and preferences of your audience.