New sponsor – Welcome IK-group!


Exciting news – we’ve welcomed a new official sponsor on board. It’s with great pleasure that we welcome IK-Group to Norway Chess!

Office wall seen at sunrise with logo saying IK Group

IK-Group is an oil service company specializing in the repair and maintenance of pipes and pipelines both above and below water. Starting with around 20 employees in 1987, IK Group has grown into an international conglomerate with 180 employees across 5 countries: Scotland, Poland, USA, Dubai, and Norway. Over 70 percent of the group’s products and services are exported globally from their main base in Forus, Stavanger.

Drawing parallels between the challenges faced by a chess player and those encountered daily by IK-Group’s employees, IK-Group has chosen to join as a new sponsor for Norway Chess.

– One of the core aspects of chess is problem-solving. In each game, players are confronted with problems they must solve to win, not unlike the challenges IK-Group faces daily in the energy industry. Whether it’s at the bottom of the sea or on the chessboard, our shared ability to evaluate multiple options, anticipate outcomes, and find innovative solutions to complex challenges is crucial for our mutual success. So, this partnership is a perfect fit!” says CEO of IK, Eirik Berge.

– From a small office in Sandnes, Norway Chess has not only created the world’s strongest chess tournament, but they also contribute to strengthening Stavanger and the region as an attractive place for business, newcomers, and tourists. It’s impressive to say the least, he continues.

Together, we will form a strategic partnership that is mutually beneficial, and from IK-Group’s slogan ‘Brilliant Engineering’, we got the idea to introduce ‘The Most Brilliant Move of the Day.’ Daily, a panel will select the most brilliant move by a player. IK-Group sponsors the competition, and the chess player who wins can look forward to a generous prize.

Benedicte Westre Skog, project manager at Norway Chess, expresses her excitement about IK-Group joining as a new sponsor.

– IK-Group’s approach to innovation and creativity in their solutions aligns with how we at Norway Chess think and act in our efforts to make chess even bigger and more accessible in Norway and the rest of the world. With their support, we can continue to develop Norway Chess.

Read more about IK-Group here.

Employees from IK Group working

Employee at IK Group working