Spir Helse continues valuable collaboration


Spir Helse continues valuable collaboration with Norway Chess
– Offering health services to players and crew

Spir Helse, the locally rooted and multidisciplinary health center in located in Sandnes, is pleased to announce that they continue their collaboration with Norway Chess.

Spir Helse has established itself as a modern and quality-conscious competence center, and their wide range of services reflects their commitment to caring for individuals, GP patients, and employees/managers of client companies. Under its roof, Spir Helse offers everything from private doctors and GPs to health certificates, occupational health services, chiropractors, psychologists, vaccinations, family therapy and counseling, short-term courses and lectures, first aid courses, pregnancy care and ultrasound with midwives, ship medicine, and injections such as PRP/ACP and Hyaluronic acid.

“The collaboration with Norway Chess gives us a fantastic opportunity to support the international chess community by offering our healthcare services. We understand the importance of safeguarding the health of players and crew during such events, and we are ready to contribute to a safe and healthy experience for all involved.” – Elisabeth Heigre, CEO of Spir Helse.

Spir Helse’s values, which include respect, personalized meetings, service and quality, are reflected in their dedicated and committed team of healthcare professionals. This collaboration strengthens the ties between the health center and Norway Chess, and adds an extra layer of security to the event by prioritizing good health for the participants.

“The collaboration with Spir Helse has been very solid and we are happy that the collaboration continues. It’s important to have a professional health team that we can reach in a short time if something should arise. In addition, Spir Helse is part of the team that shows up without notice to check players and premises in relation to our fair play routines.” – Benedicte Westre Skog, Project Manager Norway Chess.