Successful Tournament for Kids and Teenagers


Norway Chess recently organized a school teams chess tournament for kids and teenagers at Vitenfabrikken in Sandnes. The event, which took place on March 10th, saw the participation of 200 children, including first-time tournament players and more experienced ones.

The tournament was completely free for all kids, and the organizers even included a delicious and healthy lunch for everyone. The event was a great success, and it provided an excellent opportunity for kids to showcase their chess skills while having fun and making new friends.

Norway Chess has always had a strong focus on kids and youth, and events like these are a testament to their commitment to promoting the game of chess among the younger generation. Chess is a game that teaches important life skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making. It also helps in developing concentration, memory, and creativity.

Chess is not just a game, but it is also an excellent tool for learning and personal development. Many studies have shown that children who play chess regularly perform better in school, particularly in subjects such as math and science. It also helps in developing social skills and promoting sportsmanship.

Norway Chess understands the importance of nurturing the talent of young chess players and providing them with a platform to showcase their skills. Through events like the school teams chess tournament, they aim to create a positive and supportive environment for children to learn and grow.

The success of the tournament is a testament to the popularity of chess among kids and teenagers in Norway. It also reflects the dedication and hard work of the organizers in providing a fun and challenging event for all participants.

We want to thank our partners, Vitenfabrikken in Sandnes, as well as volunteers for making this event happen.

Tournament results can be found by clicking the link below.
Friday March 10