House of Yarn – New Partner


House of Yarn – The Nordic region’s leading supplier of hand knitting yarn and accessories, has entered into a 3-year agreement with Norway Chess. The agreement started in February 2021 and together House of Yarn and Norway Chess designed a Norway Chess sweater that will be launched for sale in June 2021. The knitting pattern for the sweater is also available for download for those who want to knit the sweater themselves.

In 2013, 2014 and 2016, House of Yarn designed and produced various wool sweaters and a wool jacket in collaboration with Norway Chess.

“The new, long-term agreement that has been entered into has given us the opportunity to start major joint projects together and we are very much looking forward to bringing the plans to life. Already today we launch a competition where you can win an exclusive stay in Stavanger during the Norway Chess tournament in September. »
– Benedicte Westre Skog, project manager, Norway Chess

“We see many synergies between knitting and chess. A good knitter is good at concentrating, seeing details, has to be good at math to be able to read patterns and calculate stitches and patterns. One must be patient and be able to solve problems when they arise. We look forward to designing more exciting projects, competitions and events together with Norway Chess in the years ahead, which we believe many will benefit from. There is no doubt that Norway Chess is a desired partner in a collaboration with a focus on chess. »
– Tor Henrik Knutsen, CEO of House of Yarn.


About House of Yarn
House Of Yarn is the Nordic region’s leading supplier of hand knitting yarn, accessories and ready-made knitwear. They deliver to the do-it-yourself and needlework market, where the product is designs, yarns, knitting needles and patterns for creative consumers. Their yarn brands Dale Garn, Du Store Alpaca, Camilla Pihl Knikk, Oransje Skjerf-garn and Gjestal Garn are distributed via specialist retailers, online stores and chain stores. House of Yarn is currently the sole supplier of yarn to Coop (Soft Yarn), Sparkjøp (Gjestal), Nille (Linde Yarn) and Europris (Trysil Yarn). In addition, they produce private labels for a number of partners.