Altibox: New title sponsor for Norway Chess


Norway Chess has signed a three-year partnership with Altibox, a leading company within telecom and FTTH multi play services in Norway and Denmark. Altibox will hence continue to provide fiber optic connections to the Norway Chess tournament. Norway has become a chess-nation in record time and millions of people from all over the world watch the Norway Chess tournament online each year. It is for this reason crucial for Norway Chess to be able to provide the viewers with live broadcasts of the highest quality.

“Altibox Norway Chess is already one of the world strongest chess tournaments and this strengthened partnership with Altibox is essential to the continuous success of the tournament.” – Kjell Madland, Chairman, Altibox Norway Chess.

World Chess Champion and Altibox Norway Chess ambassador; Magnus Carlsen is one of Norway’s premier sportsmen. It will be very exiting to see what the Altibox Norway Chess tournament 2016 will bring for Magnus and the rest of the elite players visiting Norway.

 “Chess is about self-development, the ability to think strategically and fast and to have courage. These abilities are all consistent with what Altibox stand for.” – Lene Bjørk, consultant, Altibox.