Magnus Carlsen Wins Norway Chess 2021!


After 10 tense days of play, with 30 classical games and a further 14 Armageddon games the winner has emerged!

At some point it seemed that Richard Rapport was unstoppable: after an impressive start his lead after 7 rounds increased to more than 3 points, which equalled a full classical win at the event. Similarly, the last three days of Norway Chess 2021 likewise didn’t fail to impress: both Magnus Carlsen and Alireza Firouzja managed to win four classical games in a row, finishing the tournament in first place and second place respectively.

Until the very last moment it was unclear who would be the winner, and in three possible scenarios there could even have been a play-off match! But Magnus Carlsen is the current World Champion for a very good reason: he works hard at the board and always looks for chances.

We anticipate a real treat for the chess world this November as two of the world’s best players, Carlsen and Nepomniachtchi, will meet in Dubai for the World Championship match.

Meanwhile, see you all next year in Stavanger, for Norway Chess 2022!