Talented arbiters


The eight edition of the supertournament is being prepared at the HQ in Sandnes, Norway. Altibox Norway Chess 2020 is taking shape and the team that will be working during the event will be nothing but extraordinary!

For a supertournament with revolutionary rules and playing format, it is very important to have skillful arbiters. Since the inception of the tournament in 2013, Norway Chess has had at least one female arbiter in each tournament, and several times two. We are now very proud to say that for the 2020 tournament will have (at least) three highly skilled female arbiters.

Chief Arbiter; Anemone Kulzcak, who has been arbitrating in every tournament except from the 2015 edition, is happy to be working with so many talented women at the event. She says:

“Altibox Norway Chess has become one of the most remarkable chess tournaments in the history of the game. It has proposed new, thrilling and amusing ideas. The innovative formats of this year brought more excitement and also new challenges for arbiters. This combined makes it a unique, fulfilling experience besides the opportunity to be around the greatest players in the world. “

Anastasia Sorokina will be back for the second time to work for Altibox Norway Chess in 2020 and state:

“Altibox Norway Chess is not only one of the strongest chess events in the world, it is a brand for organization on the highest level. Great hospitality and a very special atmosphere where everyone feels at home!”

Shohreh Bayat will be visiting the tournament for the first time, and we are especially happy to have a team member from Asia/the Middle East.
“Altibox Norway Chess has always been my favorite chess event in the world. I am very excited to be part of the team in such as prestigious tournament and will do my best for the great success of the event.”  – Shohreh Bayat.


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