Norway Chess School 2019 was held at Bryne vidergående (Bryne Highschool) on June 14th -15th.

Over 50 teams were gathered for the most fun chess tournament of 2019.  They also got to meet and greet with the Mayor of Bryne, and the chess stars from the Altibox Norway Chess tournament.

There were over 160 contestants aging 6-15 at the Norway Chess school tournament of 2019. With great atmostphere, social activities like discotek and bowling, the kids seemed to have a great time. The winning teams even received honor and prizes at the prize award of the main Altibox Norway Chess tournament.

A big thanks to our partner Time kommune and Tine Meierier.

Thanks to TV Vest Rogaland for a great live broadcasting of the event, and thanks to all supporting parents and volunteers, we couln’t have done this without your help and support.

The winning teams of 2019:

1.-4. klasse: Sørbø skole!
Øyvind Fagerlund, Vegard T. Kvalbein og Eivind Dobbe

5.-7. klasse: Tu skole!
Balder Salte, Håkon Salte og Levi Mong

8.-10. klasse: Eliten fra Hå!
Arvid Feed Jakobsen, Oskar Feed Jakobsen og Sven Tobias Ueland.