Arbiter in Chief: Karl Johan Rist (NO)

On a daily basis Karl-Johan is a senior consultant at the Norwegian Labour and Welfare service (NAV) in Alta, a municipality in the Finnmark county. It is also the easternmost part of Norway. Karl-Johan has extensive experience as an arbiter both in Norway and internationally, and is himself a passionate chess player. His arbiter experience includes the National Federation from 2002 and FIDE from 2007. He was awarded the title International Arbiter by FIDE in 2010. He has previously been deputy arbiter at Norway Chess, both in 2013 and 2014. We are more than happy to say: ”Welcome back!”

Arbiter: Arno Eliens (NL)

Arno is a chess enthusiast living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He started with organizing and arbitrating chess tournaments at a young age, with a focus on youth tournaments. He has been involved in about 40 Dutch youth championships in all kind of categories and disciplines. As inexperienced, young players obviously lead to ‘special’ and delicate situations, Arno knows his way in solving all kind of problems. Later on his interests shifted to arbitrating FIDE rated tournaments, gaining his International Arbiter title in 2014. In daily life Arno practices tax law, thus using his experiences in chess arbitrating and law both in his hobby and in professional practice.

Arbiter: Daniel Johansson (SE)

Daniel has an impressive résumé having worked as an arbiter on several larger tournaments both in Sweden and internationally including the Olympics in Tromsø in 2014 and the European Team Chess Championship in Reykjavik in 2015. He is well known for being calm and contained and for always making his decisions understandable for young and more inexperience players. In March 2016 he will be awarded FIDE arbiter.