Norway Chess 2024 Round 6 Wrap-Up


In the Norway Chess tournament, it seems that Ding Liren is finding it challenging to concentrate in classical games, as he blundered a mate-in-two tactic against Magnus Carlsen in an equal position. This is Ding’s fourth loss in a row. With this win, Magnus Carlsen has surpassed Hikaru Nakamura in the leaderboard, becoming the leader again.

Credits: Norway Chess / Stev Bonhage

While the game between Fabiano Caruana and Hikaru Nakamura ended in a draw relatively quickly, Caruana had a crucial win in the Armageddon game, a “revenge” for Nakamura’s win in the first Armageddon game in the first half of the tournament. This win will possible be a massive confidence booster for Caruana after two disappointing rounds.

Credits: Norway Chess / Stev Bonhage

In the battle of the youngsters, Alireza Firouzja and Praggnanandhaa, Firouzja maintained a steady advantage throughout the game, though Firouzja could not convert this advantage into a win and the game ended peacefully.

In the Norway Chess Women tournament, there have been exciting developments even though all games progressed into the endgame without either side making major mistakes.

Especially the game between Ju Wenjun and Vaishali Rameshbabu was highly anticipated as it could affect the leaderboard. While the game was quite balanced until the endgame, Ju Wenjun secured a win against Vaishali when the latter went into time trouble.

Credits: Norway Chess / Stev Bonhage

Another important matchup, between Anna Muzychuk and Lei Tingjie, which could affect the leaderboard, ended in a draw. However, Anna Muzychuk won the Armageddon game and has thus overtaken Vaishali in the leaderboard by half a point. Muzychuk is now leading the tournament for the first time in the event.

Stay tuned as the tournament progresses, promising more high-stakes drama and spectacular chess performances from the world’s top players.