Norway Chess Announces Spisoh, South India’s Culinary Gem, as Official Food Partner for 2024 Tournament


Norway Chess, the prestigious international chess tournament, is proud to announce Spisoh, a renowned South Indian restaurant in Stavanger, as its official food partner for the 2024 edition. This collaboration brings together the strategic brilliance of chess with the vibrant flavors of South Indian cuisine.

Spisoh has become a favored destination for chess players, fostering a connection between the intellectual pursuit of the game and the delightful culinary experience offered by South Indian fare. Last year, the rising star Gukesh D, along with his trainer and father, frequented Spisoh and were thoroughly impressed by the restaurant’s authentic offerings. This year, the formidable Koneru Humpy followed suit, expressing her delight after trying Spisoh’s delectable dishes.

The partnership between Norway Chess and Spisoh extends beyond a mere culinary association. South India has emerged as a powerhouse in the chess world, much like Silicon Valley’s dominance in the startup ecosystem. Gifted young players like Gukesh D, Praggnanandhaa R., and Vaishali R. are taking the chess world by storm, mirroring the meteoric rise of Indian innovation on the global stage.

“We are thrilled to welcome Spisoh as our official food partner,” said Benedicte Westre Skog, organizer of Norway Chess. “Spisoh’s commitment to quality and authenticity aligns perfectly with our own pursuit of excellence in the chess tournament. We are confident that our players will savor the flavors of South India, and this partnership will further enrich the Norway Chess experience.”

Nitish Kamath, spokesperson for Spisoh, echoed the sentiment, stating, “Spisoh is honored to be associated with Norway Chess. Chess, like South Indian cuisine, demands focus, precision, and the ability to think several moves ahead. We are delighted to provide the players with a taste of home, while introducing the Stavanger audience to the culinary wonders of South India. From the strategic complexity of a well-executed masala dosa to the layered flavors of a fragrant biriyani, Spisoh promises an unforgettable culinary journey.”

About Norway Chess

Norway Chess is an annual international chess tournament held in Stavanger, Norway. It is one of the strongest chess tournaments in the world, regularly attracting the world’s top chess players. The tournament is known for its innovative format and its beautiful setting.

About Spisoh

Spisoh is a renowned South Indian restaurant in Stavanger, Norway. It offers a wide variety of authentic South Indian dishes, including dosa, idli, vada, and biriyani. Spisoh is known for its high-quality ingredients, its friendly service, and its warm atmosphere.