Norway Chess will reach hundreds of millions of viewers!

Norway Chess annually gathers the world’s biggest chess stars. This year, the chess tournament will reach new heights.

For the first time, Norway Chess is organizing the world’s first gender-equal women’s tournament – with the same attention, the same prize fund, and in the same playing hall as Magnus Carlsen and the male stars.

The event will take place in SR-Bank’s beautiful premises in Finansparken in Stavanger from May 27 to June 7, with games starting every day at 5:00 PM.

Photo: Carina Olset Hovda (left), Tania Sachdev (right)

For the very first time, viewers from India, China, Austria, and Switzerland will be able to watch the entire live broadcast of over 50 hours spread over 10 days, with yet another TV studio at the venue led by Carina Olset Hovda. The new initiative also includes Indian Tania Sachdev as a chess expert in the studio. The broadcast will also feature several exciting guests throughout the tournament.

As is well known, Norway Chess is broadcast on TV2 Sport and the major international platform

This means that this year there will be three TV studios broadcasting Norway Chess live from Finansparken!

Here you can see the entire player field for both Norway Chess and Norway Chess Women:

Kjell Madland, founder and CEO of Norway Chess, is both happy and proud that Norway Chess is the first to broadcast to millions of Chinese and Indian TV viewers.

For many of these viewers, it is the first time they will see chess on TV. Furthermore, it is a great pleasure to have Carina Olset Hovda leading the broadcast, an experienced sports journalist perfect for the role.

Those who will be broadcasting this revolutionary event are:

Sony Sports – one of India’s largest sports channels

Netease and Sina Sports – among the largest sports channels in China

Sportspass in Austria and Switzerland – and it is also available in Germany