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April 27, 2023.

Magnus Carlsen, Norway Chess, and Iterate Launch Pawn — New Joint Venture to Develop Fantasy Chess App

“I have seen how technology is helping to revolutionize the sport of chess. At the same time, we are only in the initial phase of what’s possible. Now, I will once again be on a journey and bring my ideas and input to new opportunities alongside, the leading entrepreneurial teams in Norway. The goal is for us to be able to spread the sport of chess to new markets and environments”, said Magnus Carlsen.

Five-time World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen, in collaboration with Norway Chess and Iterate, Norway’s premier venture builder, today launched a new joint venture called Pawn. Pawn will build upon Norway Chess’s mission to connect chess fans from all backgrounds, cultures, ages and languages through innovative experiences that bring new audiences to the game while honoring its storied past. The first major product, which launches later this year will be the world’s leading Fantasy Chess. Later this year, Pawn will launch a global Fantasy Chess app where chess enthusiasts worldwide can organize fantasy leagues andwhere they can compete against one another based on games played in real-world tournaments around the year.

Pawn’s Fantasy Chess will allow users to engage with the game like never before. First move, captain and team setups: Fantasy Chess looks at the game from the perspective of the pieces, inviting all players and chess communities to compete together side by side with the professionals.

Pawn’s Fantasy Chess will invite participants into a friendly competitive arena that encourages in-depth player analysis, scouting, roster research, lineup management, and the thrill of prediction found in traditional fantasy sports leagues. Through curated forums and thoughtful gameplay, the league will foster a sense of community and connection between grandmasters, YouTubers, commentators, and everyday players alike.

An invite-only beta launch is scheduled to take place during this year’s Norway Chess tournament at the end of May. Magnus Carlsen is personally involved, working alongside the teams at Norway Chess and Iterate to design the gameplay for the app.

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About Magnus Carlsen
Magnus Carlsen is a Norwegian chess prodigy, five-time Chess World Champion (2013-2023), reigning Rapid & Blitz World Champion, the World’s highest rated player since July 2011, 5-time Norway Chess winner, and winner of dozens of other elite chess events since 2006. He is the highest-rated player in chess history.

He earned the title of grandmaster at 13 years and four months old, the youngest at the time. In 2014, Magnus became the first player to simultaneously hold the title in all three FIDE rated time controls — Standard, Rapid and Blitz.  He is also a successful entrepreneur, having co-founded Play Magnus Group, a company dedicated to promoting chess as a tool for intellectual growth, which was acquired by, the world’s largest chess website, in 2022.

About Norway Chess
Since its inception in 2013, the Norway Chess tournament has rapidly emerged as a premier event in the global chess community, bringing together the world’s most elite competitors to the picturesque city of Stavanger for an annual contest that has garnered worldwide acclaim.

Beyond organizing a world-class, action-packed annual chess tournament, Norway Chess is driven by a commitment to make chess accessible to all, fostering a love for the game that transcends all backgrounds, cultures, ages, and languages. Our innovative approach to promoting and commercializing chess as a sport has garnered widespread attention while establishing Stavanger as one of the world’s great chess metropolises. Our comprehensive live coverage, featuring an international webcast in multiple languages, keeps chess enthusiasts worldwide connected to the excitement and drama of the Norway Chess tournament.

In addition to the main tournament, we host an annual international open competition and a variety of captivating side events, including Norway Summit, an annual conference that attracts business leaders, renowned thinkers, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and decision-makers. Together, we explore “The Next Move” in a wide range of fields, from technology, economics, and finance to innovation and sustainability.


About Iterate
As Norway’s premier venture builder and one of Europe’s most esteemed innovation hubs, Iterate is committed to nurturing pioneering ideas and transforming them into successful ventures. We have assembled a world-class team of experts, including coders, Michelin chefs, designers, founders, and executives from industry-leading companies such as Cisco and Telenor. Recognized as one of the Best Workplaces for Innovators in 2022 by Fast Company, Iterate celebrates curiosity, promotes experimentation, and inspires individuals to develop and transform their ideas into thriving businesses.

Since our inception eight years ago, we have explored more than 100 diverse and imaginative concepts, refining and launching more than 30 promising startups into the market. Our portfolio includes everything from a sustainable fashion marketplace empowering women to sell custom knitwear globally, to an online patient engagement platform that transforms rehabilitation, to a global football quiz app. Other notable projects include a last-mile distribution platform for e-commerce retailers and an innovative app that uses machine learning in satellite imagery to detect ships in real-time by analyzing their unique “fingerprints” within their wakes at sea. For more information on Iterate, please visit

The team behind Fantasy Chess: Kjell Madland, Anders Haugeto, Henrik Carlsen, Magnus Carlsen, Benedicte Westre Skog and Linn Eriksen. Photo by: Julie Hrncirova