Happy International Women’s Day!


On this day, we celebrate the remarkable achievements of women across the globe. As we reflect on the progress that has been made, let us also recognize the challenges that still lie ahead in the pursuit of gender equality.

In the game of chess, women have made significant strides in recent years, breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes. From the legendary Polgar sisters to the current Women’s World Champion, Ju Wenjun, and number one ranked female player, Hou Yifan, female players continue to make their mark on the chess world.

But just as in society, women in chess still face obstacles and biases that must be overcome. We must continue to support and encourage women in the game, providing them with the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.

So on this International Women’s Day, let us celebrate the progress we have made and rededicate ourselves to the ongoing struggle for gender equality, both on and off the chessboard.