Contributor to clean air


VentiTech is a new partner to Altibox Norway Chess

VentiTech has had great success with its air purifier system and is especially known for the unique Ventibox Mini purifier. The air purifier system will contribute as an important infection control measure during the upcoming tournament. The air purification system helps prevent bacteria and viruses from adhering to surfaces and further has a purifying effect on air odors.

VentiTech boxes will be placed in the players’ hotel rooms and in the playing venue. The chess players will therefore have better and safer air. Altibox Norway Chess are pleased to have a partner who can contribute to a safer environment at the tournament.

“Our standard of quality is rooted in the premises of what the outdoor air consists of. One of the biggest advantages of our stand-alone units is that the purification of the air takes place without the addition of any kind of chemistry or filters. We thank Altibox Norway Chess for trusting in us to take care of the air quality of the players and the teams around them, which is in particularly important these days.” – Egil Hansen, Sales Manager, VentiTech

Kjell Madland and Egil Hansen each holding a Ventibox Mini