Wine tasting with Morten Abel


On November 20th, 2019, we hosted a gathering for our collaborative partners. Events like these are hosted throughout the year to provide a unique arena for networking and intellectual talks or cultural events for our collaborative partners. Earlier this year, we had an evening with adventurer Lars Monsen and brain researcher Tomas Myklebust. Dr. Myklebust told us how to use our brains smarter with simple grips in the everyday life and Lars Monsen inspired us with his stories of how he uses his brain to carry out extreme hikes in nature.

This event setting was a cultural night where the theme was wine tasting with popstar Morten Abel, and his wine collection.
We got to try his wine collection consisting of 5 red and 1 white wine wine. The Mayor of Gjesdal municipality, Frode Fjeldsbø, guided us through the tasting experience together with Morten Abel, and we got to discuss both the wine and hear a about Morten Abel’s personal journey with everything he has done. It was an amazing evening!
It was an intimate setting as we invited around 30 people who were all gathered at our office in Sandnes, which made the evening very special and memorable for those present.
Asle from Chili Chocolate was present and offered delicious, handmade chocolates that accompanied well with the wine, and the guests even got to experience some extraordinary magic by our guest Kevin Lunde.
For us it was great to hear that our collaborative partners made great connections while also having a relaxed and joyful evening.

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