Open tournament


Stavanger Chess Club and Sandnes Chess Club in cooperation with Altibox Norway Chess invite national and international chess players to:

Norway Chess Open 2019

Totak Prize fund of NOK 65.000
( 1stprize NOK 20.000!)

Venue:  Clarion Energy Hotel Stavanger
Date:  Friday 7thof June to Sunday 9thof June

The tournament will be played as a 7 round tournament. The 3 first rounds will be played with rapid time control on Friday 7thof June.
4 standard games will be played on Saturday 8thof June and Sunday 9thof June. The tournament will be FIDE-ratet and be part of the Norwegian Grand Prix circuit 2018-19.

The tournament will be played in three separate groups; an open group A, group B for players with maximum FIDE rating of 1799 (as per 1stof July 2018) and group C for players with a maximum FIDE rating of 1399 (as per 1stof July 2018).

In addition to the Norway Chess Open tournament 7th– 9thof June 2019, a separate blitz tournament, Norway Chess Open Blitz 2019, will be held at Monday 10thof June.

The tournament will be held at Clarion Energy Hotel, in which also the Altibox Norway Chess tournament for the world elite will be played. The hotel is easily accessible from the airport and city center by public transportation.

7 round FIDE Dutch Swiss

Round 1-3: 15 min + 10 sec pr move

Round 4-7: 90 min + 30 sec pr move

Group A is open for all players,  Group B is for players with FIDE lower than 1800 (as per 1stof July 2018).
Group C is for players with FIDE lower than 1400 (as per 1stof July 2018).

Online registration via “Turneringsservice”

Online registration closes on Thursday 6thof June 23:49

You might also send an e-mail to Stig Jerlow Jacobsen, e-mail: [email protected]


GM, IM, WGM and WIM FM and WFM General fee Youth (under 20 years and students)
Free 600 900 600


Payment of participation directly to Stavanger SK’s bank account number:
– by Thursday 6thJune.


Friday 7th of June Saturday 8th of June Sunday 9th of June
15:30-17:00 Registration 1000 Round 4 1000 Round 6
18:00 Round 1 1500 Round 5 1500 Round 7
19:00 Round 2
20:00 Round 3


PRICES – total prize fund of NOK 65.0001)

1) Conditional on at least 125 players Group A Group B Group C
1. prize NOK 20.000 NOK 5.000 NOK 4.000
2. prize NOK 10.000 NOK 2.500 NOK 2.000
3. Prize NOK 5.000 NOK 1.250 NOK 1.000
4. Prize NOK 2.500
5. Prize NOK 1.500
Best player in subcategory 1
FIDE < 2200, 1600 and 1200 respectively
NOK 2.000 NOK 1.500 NOK 1.500
Second best player in subcategory 1
FIDE < 2200, 1600 and 1200
NOK 1.000 NOK 750 NOK 750
Best player in subcategory 2 FIDE < 2000 NOK 2.000
Second best player in subcategory 2
FIDE < 2000
NOK 1.000


Prizes will be split if even numbers of points, although only between the first 5 players (group A) and first 3 players (group B and C).Open