Continued sponsorship of Altibox Norway Chess


Altibox is continuing its support of the chess tournament Altibox Norway Chess

Altibox Norway Chess is an annual super tournament for the highest ranked chess players in the world, and is played at various locations in the Stavanger area. Altibox, which is a daughter company of Lyse, has been sponsor since the first event in 2013, and the partnership has now been extended for a new year. “We support all the good work Altibox Norway Chess is doing to promote and create engagement around chess both within Norway and internationally. The sponsorship has been strategically important for us, and we look forward to continuing as an important team player in the tournament. We are also crossing our fingers that Stavanger will host the chess world championships in 2020 says, Head of Brand and Communications, Aleksander Eikeberg.

Streaming to the entire world

This year’s tournament is the seventh in a row, and is being played at the Clarion Hotel Energy and at Stavanger Concert House with ten of the world’s best chess players. Fiber infrastructure from Lyse make it possible for chess enthusiasts from around the world to watch the event.

“Altibox Norway Chess has gained a strong position, but we will continue to make chess even more entertaining and accessible for the wider public. To do so we are completely dependent on good supporting players and we are therefore very pleased that Altibox continues to support us, says Kjell Madland, founder and chairman of Altibox Norway Chess.


Innovative chess tournament

Altibox Norway Chess takes an interest in the wellbeing of both players and other guests during the event, and arranges school tournaments and several other activites to encourage more young people to discover  the joy of playing chess. New rules reducing the number of draws will also make the tournament more audience-friendly and exciting.

The Norway Summit conference, which is created out of the Altibox Chess network, is also an important part of the cooperation. The topic for this year’s conference in Stavanger is how new technology is affecting business and finance.

“The conference is an ideal connection between chess and business, and a good arena for operators within new technology and digitsiation to meet” says Eikeberg.

The seventh Altibox Norway Chess event starts on the 3rd of June 2019, and the Norway Summit takes place on 5th June.

Contact information:
Kjell Madland, founder and chairman, Altibox Norway Chess: 911 67 695
Aleksander Eikeberg, Head of Brand and Communications: 410 20 215