Go2Life Water new partner



“After more than 10 years with R&D we have developed a successful technology which gives us Go2life oxygen water. Go2life oxygen water that can be keep for many months, and hence, can be be used commercially. Many have tried to do this before, but most of them have failed. The most difficult part was to get enough oxygen that it will naturally blend with the water and stay there for several months. The Go2life parent Company: Norwaters Holding AS, is the only company in the world that has the rights to this technology as per today. The water is sold through the Go2Life brand, owned by the Norwaters Holding Group” –says Torben Wiig, Sales- and marketing director, Go2life.

“Although chess is a game for the mind, it is also a sport that requires optimal cooperation between the body and brain. In chess, there are no shortcuts. Go2life oxygen water takes on this challenge and delivers fuel to power both the mind and body. The new partnership with Altibox Norway Chess is therefore a true match and it is a huge pleasure to be a part of this international event” – Wiig continues.

“We are proud to have a new and exciting partner who is going to provide water to the tournament. Quality water is very important to the players in Altibox Norway Chess. We are pleased that Go2life see the great value in partnering with us. –Kjell Madland, Chairman, Altibox Norway Chess