First Blog Post


Dear Altibox Norway Chess followers,

2016 is now well on the way and the planning and preparations for this year’s fourth annual supertournament is going strong. We have been doing some major upgrades to our website with some help from our partners: Fasett and Last Friday. Hope you like our new look.

We have seen a huge change in the popularity for chess among Norwegians following the first Altibox Norway Chess tournament in 2013. We wish to continue to spread all the positive things that chess brings to all of our friends and followers. The Altibox Norway Chess blog is an attempt to achieve our goals in regards to this. We aim to have one weekly update on the blog, every Friday of the week. The blog will highlight a range of different subjects, not necessarily just the “hard core” chess news and insights. We choose this approach in order to reach a wider audience as part of our mission to spread the joy of chess around the world.

Thank you for stopping by our blog and happy continued reading.
Best regards,

The Altibox Norway Chess Board