Norway Chess Games People’s Choice Awards!


Introducing the People’s Choice Award for Norway Chess Games!

On Friday, June 2nd, amidst the exhilarating Norway Chess tournament, an extraordinary event unfolded – the eagerly awaited Norway Chess Games. This unique competition brought together not only the ten remarkable contestants of Norway Chess but also a special team comprising the talented TV 2 staff. In an intriguing twist, the participants were paired up in teams of two, joining forces to embark on a remarkable mission – the creation of a splendidly designed sweater.

A panel of esteemed judges meticulously assessed each team’s creation, scrutinizing their collaborative efforts, ingenuity, color composition, and the practicality of knitting the design. To earn extra acclaim, teams were encouraged to produce a knitted sample swatch, showcasing their artistic and technical prowess.

After careful deliberation by the jury, the remarkable duo of Anish Giri and Nordibek Abdusttorov emerged as the triumphant winners of this awe-inspiring competition. Their exceptional craftsmanship and imaginative design captivated the judges’ attention, securing their well-deserved victory.

However, the quest for recognition does not end there! Now, it’s your turn to shape the outcome. We invite you to exercise your influence by casting your vote for your personal favorite. Will Anish Giri and Nordibek Abdusttorov also claim the coveted People’s Choice Award? Your participation will help determine the winner of this esteemed accolade!

The grand revelation of the People’s Choice Award will take place on Saturday, June 10th. The occasion promises to be one filled with anticipation and delight, as the players gather to receive their exquisitely hand-knitted sweaters, tailor-made to their measurements. It’s an event you won’t want to miss!

Join us in celebrating the exceptional creativity and artistry displayed in the Norway Chess Games. Be part of this remarkable journey by casting your vote and experiencing the culmination of this enchanting event on June 10th.

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