It’s almost time! Altibox Norway Chess 2016 starts in 3 days


Altibox Norway Chess has in a few years become not only a world-class chess event, but also one of the strongest chess tournaments in the world.

This years’ super tournament starts with a round of blitz chess Monday April 18 at Scandic Stavanger City in the city centre. The round will decide who will meet who and at what color (black or white). Stavanger Forum, just outside Stavanger and the beautiful Concert Hall in the city centre of Stavanger will host the tournament the following days. The tournament will be broadcasted live on both the Norwegian TV channel: TV 2 and our own international broadcast through our website in partnership with chess24. Both will have live TV-studios on location.

See the full program for the tournament here.

We take great pride in our dedication to children and youth and have from 2015 committed a stronger partnership with the Norwegian Chess Federation in order to expand our work with children and youth. Each year we have a school-chess tournament during the Super tournament. The school-chess tournament will be held at the Science Factory located in Sandnes, the neighbouring city of Stavanger. The players from the super tournament will visit the kids at the Science Factory on Saturday 23rd. (picture: Vitenfabrikken)

There will be several other chess related events in the region during the main event. Among them is a tournament between the Norwegian and Swedish National Chess teams April 23 – 24. The tournament is hosted by the Norwegian Chess Federation and will prepare the teams for the Chess Olympics in Baku, Azerbadjan September 1-14 this year. Both teams will have to manage without their strongest players, GM and World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen, GM Jon Ludvig Hammer and GM Nils Grandelius. Carlsen and Grandelius are both playing in the Altibox Norway Chess Super tournament. It is the first year Grandelius participates in a Super tournament after qualifying for the Wild Card spot by winning the Altibox Norway Chess Qualifier last month. GM Jon Ludvig Hammer, Norway’s second strongest chess player at the moment, will not play in the tournament as he will be busy with the TV 2 live broadcasts.

Friday April 29, the annual Norway summit conference will also be held at Clarion Hotel Energy, with speakers such as Aaron Gershenberg, Wesley Chan, Gerald Brady, Thomas Bull and Rami Beracha. The theme this year is “Sustainable Innovation Economy: Accelerating Business Diversity”, a very relevant and exciting topic these days.

Visit the website for more information about Norway Summit.

We are very excited about this year’s tournament and the opportunity to again show our beautiful region to some of the world’s brightest minds and the world.

For those of you coming to Stavanger: we look forward to seeing you!

For all of you watching our broadcast either internationally or nationally on TV 2: Enjoy! Remember to follow us on social media, engage in the games and be part of the Altibox Norway Chess community.

The Altibox Norway Chess team