Norway Chess Open 2021


Stay tuned for information on Norway Chess Open 2021  



Norway Chess Open 2020
– Hosted by Sandnes SK, Stavanger SK and Offerspill SK

Your participance also gives you free entrance to Altibox Norway Chess where Magnus Carlsen and the rest of the world-elite plays in Stavanger Konserthus.

Beside the blitz tournament June 9th, we can also offer free tickets to Norway
Chess where you can watch Magnus Carlsen and world elite compete.
There will also be available a limited amount of exclusive tickets to the closing
ceremony and dinner held for the world elite. This takes place 8.00pm, June




 Wednesday 10.june  

Registration kl. 15.30pm –  17.00pm

1.round kl.18.00pm

 Thursday 11.june  2.round kl. 10.00am

3.round kl. 17.00pm

 Friday 12.june  4.round kl. 16.00pm


 Saturday 13.june  5.round kl. 10.00am

6.round kl. 16.00pm

 Sunday 14.june  7.round kl. 10.00am

Closing ceremony half an hour after
the last round ends.



Tournament details:

7 rounds of classical chess: 90 mins + 30 sec pr move.
Two groups: Group A 1800>FIDE-rating, Group B 1800<FIDE-rating.
The tournament is ELO-rated and will count in the NGP-series.

During the first 4 rounds it will be possible to skip one of the rounds and get a
draw as a result. During the rounds 5 to 7 this will not be possible.

Participation fee, Norway Chess Open 2020:

GM, IM, WGM, WIM FM, WFM General fee Junior (under 20 year)
Free 600 NOK 1000 NOK 600 NOK



Premiering, Norway Chess Open 2020:

*Conditional on at least 125 players

Group A Group B 30.000 NOK 5.000 NOK 15.000 NOK 3.000 NOK 10.000 NOK 2.500 NOK 6.000 NOK 2.000 NOK 4.000 NOK 1.500 NOK
Best Player (FIDE <2200 og <2000) 2.000 NOK

2.000 NOK

Runner up (FIDE <2200 and <2000) 1.000 NOK

1.000 NOK

Best Player (FIDE <1600 and <1200) 2.000 NOK

2.000 NOK

Runner up(FIDE <1600 and <1200) 1.000 NOK

1.000 NOK

Total prize budget: 91.000 NOK!


For more information contact
Tallak Uberg Nærland
phone: 99292519
[email protected]




Norway Chess Open Blitz!

Tuesday June.9

10 rounds, ELO-rated that will count in the NGP-series.
Two groups, over/under 1800 FIDE-ELO. 3 mins + 2 sec. pr. move.
Registration from 5 PM to 5:45 PM

Start first round: 6 PM.


More information will come soon.